What are we solving?

The quality of seeds has become a growing concern. The phenotypic defects of seeds are one of the criteria for judging the quality. The traditional method of detecting seed defects typically relies on manual inspection, which is inefficient and subjective. Therefore, an objective and automated seed screening method is required.
Timely attention and care to crops and unawareness of crop diseases are few of the major reasons why new farmers fail to make their efforts to market. Planto brings you the power to diagnose your plants from your mobile. It provides analysis and suggestions of what you are growing, how’s it growing and what can you do to help. Be a crop doctor yourself by recognizing infecfted crops and treating for any pests or deficiencies.

How it Works?

Standalone Solutions

Standalone solutions that can take images of seed samples and provide insights regarding the quality of the batch.

Computer Vision

Automated screening and seed quality testing using machine learning and computer vision technology.


Colour, texture, size, and shape, are extracted from images of seeds and the defects of the seed can be identified through various classifiers.

Completely Automated

Automated technique provides more efficient method for seed sorting compared to being inspected by human labour.

How we are doing it?



Blockchain, a decentralized storage locker for real-time data on crop quality, which is utilized by farmers as well as their supply chain partners to increase the quality of products and clarify provenance systems.


Mobile apps bring farmers with amazing new products making it easier to transition from handling fields and related information, to generating farm maps and helping usage of drones.

Internet of Things

Smart Farming, a hi-tech and effective system of doing agriculture and growing food in a sustainable way. We apply connected devices and innovative technologies together into agriculture.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the perfect way to aggregate data from tools like soil sensors, satellite images, and weather stations which inturn helps farmers make better decisions about managing their crops.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Computer Vision techniques to create models for Seed Classification with Seed sampling to determine types inclusive of the percentages of distinct categories.


Patterns and insights assist in controlling and mitigating problems. Pinpoint existing issues, operational inefficiencies and problems with soil quality, and formulate predictive algorithms that can alert even before a problem occurs.

Who we are


Deep learning algorithms can take a decade of field data insights about how crops have performed in various climates and inherited certain characteristics and use this data to develop a probability model. With all this information, far more than any single human can grasp, machine learning can predict which genes will most likely contribute a beneficial trait to a plant.


Over the centuries, as farmers have adopted more technology in their pursuit of greater yields, the belief that 'bigger is better' has come to dominate farming, rendering small-scale operations impractical. But advances in robotics and sensing technologies are threatening to disrupt today's agribusiness model.

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We work alongside our clients to anticipate industry disruptions, innovate, apply a unique point of view on agricultural trends and opportunities, and build proven, successful business models. We have worked on more than 600 engagements across the agriculture industry and have consistently produced superior results.


We are bunch of serious nerds with a creative head. With deep expertise in technology, we are well positioned to understand challenges, create state of the art technology solutions to tackle these challenges. With deep roots in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, Internet of things and Digital, we are well equipped to solve some of the grand challenges in the industry.


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